Golf trolleys are created as a vehicle for transportation. This is solely use in the golf course wherein golfers accommodate the vehicle with their golf clubs. Other people use golf trolleys as means of other things such as transportation for the security, for people whose work are gardening an establishment or a big lot, for venues and many more. If you have decided to purchase for an electric golf trolley online make sure that you know what you want and for what purpose are you going to use the golf trolley. If you use it mainly for your business then this can be very helpful but you need to know that there are types of golf trolley. It is important that you know the types and its difference so that when you purchase a golf trolley you know already its functions. Since you will purchase it online it is essential that you are able to determine the kind of golf trolley. Your preference should be base on how much you use it and how often you need it for your everyday use. There are types of golf trolleys which can make your life easier for your convenience as you are in the golf course playing your all time hobby. But if you are not sure as to which golf trolley you want to purchase here are some types of trolley that you might consider before decision-making.

Electric golf trolley- this trolley is the most ideal type as it has a special built in features that other types of golf trolley does not have such as the USB charging point for GPS, an LCD with different colors to choose for the screen, and this is usually found at the top range of the trolley. It comes with a battery as well and a full remote control. Most of these ports are on standard bases for easy and convenient to use. Electric golf trolleys are heavier in size but not all are of the same. There are other electric golf trolleys that have batteries of lead-acid lithium in which they are sold in a cheaper price, lighter and its durability last longer. This is, however, on the pricey side meaning you have to pay more than the usual price of a typical electric golf trolley. Furthermore, you can always ask your retailer with the costing of this type of golf trolley because they vary from the features and the battery. This is mostly seen on business golf courses.

Push and pull golf trolleys- as for some golfers they prefer the use of push and pull in which it can be owned and not to spend rental golf trolley. Main reason for some golfers whose preference is this type of trolley as they can just easily bring it home and not have to pressure them in returning it back as it is for rent. This is more user friendly, more durable and is suitable for an even golf course. This is lightweight, foldable and even cheaper than those of other types of golf trolley. The only disadvantage is that it does not have any built in features unlike the electrical golf trolley, which is sought to be more useful during your time in the golf course.