You may be thinking about switching to a newer, healthier lifestyle that will benefit your physical health. You may be wondering what you could do for your body and how you can reenergise yourself with a kick start to your health. You can set yourself up for success by changing the way you do things bit by bit. If you try to drastically cut out lots of different foods all it will lead to is cheating and now that you are embarking on something amazing the last thing you’ll want to do is jeopardise it.

fresh-orange-juice-1614822_640Thinking about planning a healthy diet as a number of small and manageable steps will help your new healthier ways to become a habit rather than a fad. Some people kick off a new lifestyle with a full body detox and something like that can be great as a cleanse to rid yourself of all toxins before starting from the bottom up and refilling your body with wholesome foods. If you start preparing more food at home and cooking more meals in the house it can really assist you with taking charge of what you are eating and better monitor exactly what goes onto your plate. Portion control is one of the best things you can do for yourself so start by paying attention to packaging and recommended portion sizes. Even pouring a full bowl of cereal in the morning is overeating as you are going far over the recommended daily amount – likely without even realising it! The best detox cleanse for the body that you can find will always suit around fruit and vegetables and starting with adding more fruit and vegetables into your diet. Making those changes can make such a big difference.

In saying that, try not to just add more vegetables for your plate. The key word to remember is ‘replace’ so if you tend to have lots of pasta, reduce the amount of pasta and add more vegetables. If a third of your plate is vegetables at dinner time you’re filling up on more of the good stuff! Simplify things by looking at your diet like a colour wheel. The more vibrant colours you are eating, the less ‘beige’ foods like bread, creamy sauces and pasta which then changes your relationship with food. Less refined carbohydrates that immediately convert to sugar when ingested and more colourful vegetables will change the way you even taste food. As you try newer foods your taste buds will adapt and you can learn to love new tastes.

Drinking plenty of water is key for a lifestyle adjustment. If you’ve been used to filling up on high sugar juices and fizzy drinks, you’ll be suffering some withdrawal headaches for a while. Don’t be fooled that the diet version of any fizzy drink is actually good for you: aspartame is a very real danger in so called diet drinks and is just as dangerous if not more so than sugar. So if you are going to have a fizzy drink make it the ‘fat’ version but just have it a lot less.

Small changes can make big differences to your attitude, energy and weight so make those small steps first and gently maximise them.