If you find yourself enrolling in an exercise program in your gym or signing up a yearly membership in your chosen gym, then you need to be ready for this. It is a good start and a good chapter to begin new experiences in becoming healthy. At first, things may seem new to you inside the gym, the people, your trainer, your schedule, and the equipment’s you get to use every day. You may be afraid of how to use these things, and some may be familiar to you that operating these equipment’s may seem unfamiliar.

Everything is different when you just look at it or perhaps looking at someone using the machine and that everything seems perfect already. But sometimes you find it hard to see yourself in that spot and using the machine or equipment. These are all normal feelings of a beginner. Meeting people, being conscious of how you look and how you move will rule you. This should not be because every beginner goes through that kind of stage. So,to become confident, you should slowly educate yourself from these common machines and know their uses.

  1. Dumbbells – the most common thing you can see for the males and females. These are the shorter version of barbells.It has a weight of 5 lbs. to 100 lbs. You need to use the same balance of weight on both hands to strengthen your muscles.
  2. Barbells – these are long bars wherein you get to put the weights at both ends. You need to have a good balance. These are for heavy weights but short exercise.
  3. Normal Benches – this is an adjustable bench for lifting weights.
  4. Abdominal Bench – this is a declining position kind of bench used for abdominal exercise. It has those rollers to allow the control of your feet.
  5. Yoga or Stability Ball – this focuses on the strength of your muscles and your balance. You do a lot of exercise in this ball just like what you would do when you are on benches.
  6. Leg Press Machine – you do your squats and your leg exercise. You can do lifting of heavy weights and focuses much on the weight pressed on your back and knee when you do your squats.
  7. Pec Deck Machines – this focuses on your chest part as you hold your hands together and placing your arms and forearms together.

 If this is your first time to enroll in a gym, you need to expect a lot of pains and changes. You may feel your muscles aching and feel like lying down whole day because of the pain. This is very normal because you are already making your muscles and your body move. It is important that you just need to focus on strengthening first before all those hard exercises as a beginner. This is to avoid the pain you will be having. Do also ask for a personal fitness trainer in fitness & gyms in Maidstone to teach and guide you towards the proper exercise.