Today’s Q: What is Physical Therapy?

What do you know about physical therapy? Are you making an assignment about it? Or are you trying to understand what really it is and what it does? Well, no matter what your reason is, you have come to the right place. Here, you will be able to know the general functions and effects of physical therapy and subtypes or specializations of physical therapy.


Most people are actually not aware about the specialization of physical therapy since they just think that it’s just for injuries or a treatment after a surgery or accident. The usual specializations of physical therapy are pediatric, pulmonary physical therapy, neurological, sports, orthopaedic and even palliative care therapy. Now if you want for a holistic approach in any of the specializations of physical therapy, you can visit physical therapy Auburn AL.


Now, physical therapy is actually beyond what you can imagine, it is not just appropriate for curing injuries, disabilities, pre and post surgery therapies, it can also be a prevention of any type of physical injury or pain. It is actually a physical medicine which focuses on physical treatment for rehabilitation, impairments, and mobility issues. It is also called as physiotherapy and often times used as abbreviation of PT. Now there are actually a lot of good things when you go for physical therapy or intervention since you can actually save yourself for the need of spending so much in surgery or drug prescriptions. Especially when it is not really needed like a life and death type of situation. It does not actually just save your wallet from other forms of intervention but it can save your kidneys and livers for taking unnecessary drug prescriptions like for treating chronic pains since it can reduce or eliminate pain without taking all those pain reliever medicines every 6-8 hours a day, imagine what could those medicines do to your body. What more if you already have a medicine you have been maintaining all your life, like for example you have asthma since you were a kid, then you have medicine to maintain everyday to prevent you from having asthma attacks randomly, so you are taking all those long acting bronchodilators and steroid inhalers or corticosteroids, such as seretide, ventolin, symbicort, proventil and etc, you name it, most people who have asthma are familiar with those medicines. So imagine if you already have a regular medicine that you need to take and you are also working then most probably you also have body pain concerns or maybe like migraines, toothaches and etc, then as a first aid, you immediately take pain relievers, you don’t want to be a walking pharmacy since you have been taking a lot medicine.


Therefore, your cure and prevention is to have a physical therapy session, and exercise is the most common technique for it, just make sure though that you have already visited a physical therapist before you do any exercise if you have a medical condition, like you can visit any Auburn AL physical therapists for your concerns related to physical therapy.