A lot of people dread their office job that has them facing their computers, answering emails, creating loads of formal letters and a huge amount of time spent on stressful meetings. Some brave souls found the strength to venture out of their comfort zone and ended up having the job they have dreamed of.

There are many exciting jobs outside the usual corporate working environment that are exciting and not as stressful, though you may be required to go through additional training and workshops. Here are some of the jobs you can take on to escape the corporate toxicity.

Mall Attendant

Does your mind in the middle of your nine to five office job wander outside and get lost into the thought of working in a fun place while meeting a lot of people instead of facing your computer? This is pretty normal. The mall sounds like the place where you should be in to relax. Manning a mall is no easy task but the opportunity to move around and meet a lot of people does not only improve your state of health it also widens your social network reach.

Hotel Front Desk

 Many people think about working in a hotel positively. The hotel is indeed a place where you can rest but it is also a place that presents job opportunities for people who are outgoing and adventurous. Being a front desk assistant requires you to be on your feet throughout your shift and you may be the first person to take the blow from dissatisfied customers, but once in a while you are rewarded with the rare opportunity to meet exciting and famous people.

Outdoor Guide

What else could be more exciting than a job that lets you spend your time outdoors everyday guiding tourists to exciting scenery? For most people, being an outdoor instructor is a dream come true. Do not be deceived though because it is not as simple as it appears. Being an outdoor attendant also puts in a lot of responsibilities on your shoulder. You will be the first person liable if something happens to the tourists following your lead. Special training for outdoor instructors are required by legislation before you are granted approval to work in this field.


Being out in the sun all day can be a very physical job. If you are the type of person who loves driving around and meeting a lot of people then a job at the post office as a mail delivery attendant should be good for you. You only need to be good at reading directions and be okay with meeting different types of people every day.

Events Photographer

A lot of people enjoy looking at other people having fun that they take on a job that lets them do just that. Capturing moments in print is a difficult task and it puts a lot of pressure on the photographer as well. Once a moment has passed it is gone forever. Being an events photographer definitely has a lot of perks that’s hard to miss.